Its been a few years that I have been clicking whatever appealed to my senses and I had a great time doing it, but, somewhere It felt that the picture clicked or the scenery captured are more than just images or a mere proof of photographic excellence.

I have heard many people / photographers say that the pictures were an extension of their thought process / their state of being / current metal state / their interpretation of the visual realm. While, this may seem as an attempt to simply justify what is just a moment of sheer joy / pleasure from a natural artistic experience, I did feel the need to amplify some of the pictures that I have clicked and all the associated churning of thoughts and feelings inside this cauldron called brain.

The desire to open this blog was more a need to express the gamut of thoughts that emanate when a beautiful scenery presents itself (or any ordinary routine aspect of life manifests itself into a likable shot) more than the need to provide a lingual form to opinions (well!!!! I can’t deny that completely also….if this suffices for an honest confession…).

It would be good if people read it and provide opinions / counter arguments (most welcome….) but, even if not, still I guess, the contentment of having found an outlet to express / store the thoughts in the form and shape that appealed most at that point of time is good enough for a purpose….

The click above was on a perfect day ending in a perfect evening at Goa’s laidback Baga beach. The sunset has inspired millions to thematically express it as a ending of a chapter / silver lining across the gloomy clouds  / time to revisit the occurrences / looking ahead to a brighter next…. However, the moment i clicked this one, I have been at a loss of a particular theme for this one, it seemed to a collection of so many aspects of life….

  • the rays peering though the clouds proving a positive ray of hope,
  • the deeply disturbing red and grey which in certain fleeting moments induced panic,
  • the reflections in the sea which simply keeps you mesmerized and sort of begs you to be positive
  • the sun kissed clouds that turn orange asking you to be flexible in life (the same clouds when reflecting sun’s rays are no more the epitome of dark times, rather jewels in the sky….)

I didn’t know much when I clicked, I was just a child jumping at the chance of grabbing a lollipop, but the moment the picture presented itself, I had been at a loss of #tags or #categories to define it. May be that is what this sunset has been trying to teach me all this while….

There are no set patterns in life….one has got to be flexible to enjoy and make the most of life, the same cloud will induce panic or bedazzle you like a gemstone….only if you let it do so. Life will never be the way you may wish to typecast it into, it will be a collage of opportunities & misses; dark, white & then some grey; expectations & surprises….whatever it is, but be rest assured it will never be static….the very phenomenon of sunset is a marked reminder to that I guess. Almost the whole world knows it and I am not writing anything new, but, I guess it took a bout of confusion borne out of a compulsive need to categorize things that dawned the realization….

Guess that being so, it doesn’t make sense to categorize this blog also…those who read this blog might see me evolving through the blogs and redefining it every once in a while…hope I redefine, hope this blog evolves….till the next one, STAY SAFE & BLESSED FOLKS…


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Divya says:

    Beautifully captured moment !!
    And the thought process…optimistic.👍
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Bidisha says:

    Beautiful photography..keep it up & the thoughts r written very nicely..


  3. Raghu says:

    Good Stuff Sanjay.Good luck


    1. findprint says:

      Hope to see your presence more often on the posts sir…


  4. Op says:

    It great to see your feelings flowing out like a river with meanders but on course ! Combo of words with pics is superlative! Great start @ keep up the quality!


    1. findprint says:

      Thank u sir…


  5. Payal says:

    Once in a while it’s fascinating to gaze at the night sky or enjoy the first showers of the season.It’s wonderful to see you doing so amidst the mundanity of life.Follow your heart and keep writing …….


    1. findprint says:

      Thanks for the feedback…it was a good necklace of words you wove…amazing too…


  6. Chandra Gowda says:

    Good to see….keep clicking keep writing……….. 🙂


  7. PD says:

    You have presented your thoughts beautifully Sanjay. Felt its a kind of battle we all are trying to win. Things not in the right place and track, yet some thing within is asking us to stay positive. The struggle, the tearing-me-apart feeling, the pessimistic thoughts, and yet again trying to be optimistic…you have it all in this blog. The gray cloud in the picture actually looked like a palm to me, showering all the blessings to whoever clicked the picture 🙂


    1. findprint says:

      Thanks for the encouragement PD 🙂


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