On the move…


This is a scene…I loath every alternate time i see, and…then look forward to seeing the next time, that’s me moving out and returning from work. This is a scene I witness twice a month at least and this is a scene from an international airport…flights moving in and flights moving out. I am based out of a metro & my work makes me travel.

The airport lounge is just like the ‘city on the move’….people hustling in and shooting out, it never stops…you are hustling too until the moment you check in through the security and realize that there is a bit of time in hand before you need to actually board the flight and that like every other instance, the boarding won’t start at the time mentioned on your boarding pass…this is when its so great to observe the early birds as they settle down in the cosyness of the lounge seats…being on the move is a must –

– the suits have to check back on the work which has been done, cleared and shut….the laptop re-boots
– the newbies getting into a frenzy of selfies and mobicam shots of every possible airline flight till either the battery is bust or they are literally pulled on to actually board their own flight….social networks are abuzz
– the proverbial family oriented aunty / uncle who have to call somebody or the other continuously till the airline crew open check-in doors (I am being gender sensitive or rather gender impartial here)….generate a discussion / controversy / chaos out of thin air
– the odd CISF personnel who having been condemned to stand at the check-in door well in advance starts off with a conversation of ultimate discrimination for duty allocation / permanent discontent with his superiors attitude / why he or she should have been the one to be posted out instead of the one who actually went / cribbing on the time it would take for him or her to reach the stage of being in the x-ray baggage scanning enclosure….silence is a killer for him / her, discrimination galore
– or the mortals like me who rejoice and get an ego-boost at not having been any one of the above and ending up observing all of the above, the whole time…being on the move is a must

What is it about the city on the move, why is it so necessary to be on the move in every behaviour / thing that we do / thing that we do not do…I am clueless, but very much a party to it. I am probably much better off than my parents or grand parents when it comes to being updated or connected and yet every now and then I keep questioning that was it of that much help, has it made that much of a difference….or to put it right, has it made a positive or a negative difference. It is a question almost half of the world is discussing and some in fact are making a killing out of it (being specialists in discussing it)…the answer is actually elusive and for some its frightening…so what does that mean? Being ‘on the move’ becomes an addiction / compulsion????

I live in a colony where bulk of the homes have working couples…everyday at 0900 in the morning an exodus of biblical proportions starts…my society, my ‘pada / mohalla’, my area & my city…its time for work. I am a village bum brought up in the outer edge of a rusty town, where the pace is relatively slow…and…here I am, much to my annoyance, part of the hoard of human cattle…’on the move’. The thing is, our lives have turned mechanical!!! so what, am I saying something new….probably not by miles…what is scary is that our attitudes, leisure, approach to even most personal of issues are fast turning mechanical too –

– If there is a weekend, have to go for an outing…
– If there’s a new movie, can’t skip it…
– If at home, catching up with all the friends is a must cause I haven’t done it in ages, at least the phone should ring…
– If at home, finish all the pending chores, lest it comes to haunt you a few days later…
– If missed a work out or run, ensuring the same covered on sunday…
– If my kid studies (I don’t actually have one…) then he/she needs to have a tennis / swimming lesson on a saturday / sunday…and I compulsorily need to be there half an hour before the class ends and cursed be me, if I forgot to ask the trainer how has my kid improved….Did I really worry about it the whole week to start with???? probably no…

I rejoice at the amazing pace at which I have kept a tab on all of the above, nobody can say I missed out on anything (and I literally ensured, NOBODY CAN SAY!!!!), Oh yeah!!!! I am ‘on the move’. So is being ‘on the move’ a disease / epidemic / virus????

Probably, all of the above….

As a budding urbanite, I am afflicted & I don’t feel the need for a raincheck….most of us don’t, it’s so much cooler being so. I hear the stories of our previous generation, where any kind of a pattern was regularly disrupted. Even in the low technology, low awareness, low paced life…positive disruption (and I am not referring to the business term here…) that challenged everyday regularity was the norm, nobody knew much whether what he / she would be doing in the free time he / she got during the day or weekend. If a gossip session beckoned on a saturday afternoon, then probably the next break they got were spent in a hearty snooze…

Not today though, we are all ‘on the move’, every minute gets chalked out….home, office, transit, airport lounge, in flight, in taxi, early morning, sunday, saturday, friday evening….everything gets chalked out…a city, a life ‘on the move’.


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