Role Reversals…



I was watching this movie PIKU (which happens to be my pet name too…), yesterday was mother’s day, had a challenging session tutoring mom for using her new mobile (which by sheer coincidence (albeit totally unplanned / unintentionally…) turned out to be her Mother’s day gift…) & this latest pic I had posted on Instagram….I guess at nearly 01:00 AM in the morning I hit upon the latest topic I wanted to write upon…ROLE REVERSALS…

1986….a burly lady readies her husband for office, handles the kaam-wali bai, briefs her disciplined daughter for school & forces the shirt & pants for the only monkey roaming around (cause its his kindergarten….).
2016….the monkey straps on the seat-belts upon the burly lady (not so burly anymore….) as he starts his vehicle for the later’s doctor visits. He sermonizes her repeatedly for forgetting her medical file.

1985….the monkey without any clothes on roamed around the house, as his father clicked on gleefully & the burly lady with a bowl & spoon chased the ape to ensure a good meal.
2015….the camera has fallen silent & the monkey was rushing at his best to admit the burly lady, down with a medical emergency, it was the ape’s turn with the bowl & spoon now.

1990….the monkey survived the year somehow at school & managed to be promoted to the next class (involving a good dose of the class teacher’s generosity), something the burly lady didn’t hope for much….result – reward: kwality ice-cream & a ‘lattoo’.
2016….the burly lady has lost a bit of eyesight & hearing, so the monkey gets her a mobile with a loud ringtone & simple back-lit keys, the ape rejoices at his achievement….landed himself the simplest handset available.

1992….the monkey cribs to the burly lady regarding the partial treatment at class, the burly lady is the epitome of calmness & patience.
2016….the burly lady is infuriated after the morning doze of headlines / news in the local daily, the wiser monkey tries his hand at patience (although a trait not associated with him yet…) & avoids reacting much

It’s amazing how the role reversals take place, the very hands that once held you are looking forward to you for holding them.

In a “fleeting moment of few memories”, decades are covered & before you know the monkey actually grows wiser or rather circumstances force the monkey to…
– It’s a daily ritual now for the monkey to think over all the things during the day that he needs to do for his family & other responsibilities while the old burly lady (although still thinking to her wit’s end….) relaxes a bit knowing that there is somebody else to handle things too…
– Life is but a “fleeting moment of few memories”…& these role reversals ensure that we all get to watch & compare the transition…
– We all are here, present & alive with all the power to change the world & shape new things, experiences & lives but; it is just a matter of time, before those same hands would need to be held & the unstoppable legs of the monkey steeping each stone with a pause & maybe some pain…

The satisfaction I saw on mom’s face on seeing her new handset was nothing compared to the “fleeting moment of few memories” created tutoring her with great patience on how to use it, is this what they call “growing up”???!!! still trying to figure out…

NB: for all practical, literary & genetic purposes, the monkey happens to be me & the burly lady, my ever worried & fiesty (but utterly lovable…) mom…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM…


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